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“I never though that a session on the phone can be so powerful! During the session I was feeling everything, my body was shaking! All the information and the emotional blocks that you saw where right to the point! I am so amazed to feel so light and have more clarity in my mind/heart. Thanks Consuelo!”


Chicago - USA

“After your session I’m doing great! Still processing and excited to listen to the session. It is amazing to have confirmation about myself. Your work on releasing the trauma and the emotions that I have pilled up was good. You definitely have a new client! So thankful to have met you and look forward to growing more!”


Toronto - CANADA

“I did listen to the recording, and you were right on everything you discussed! WOW! What an amazing distance session. You were absolutely correct on so many things about my son! In fact, it surprised me when you said during the session that he was releasing some things by yelling. Last night in his sleep, he started yelling! It seemed pretty close to the time you were doing his session. He also does bite his nails–all the time (since his sister was born). I am really looking forward to seeing how he uses his ‘wings’. I will keep you informed–thank you so much!”


Washington - USA

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU!! My daughter said she felt like she was ‘Stoned or High’ which is a good thing for her, she drove home and slept for at list an hour. She was so in awe of what happened in her session.. I know this was a wonderful thing for her.. She could not get over how right on things were.. After your session at my daughter, I can see immediately the difference in her. My daughter, that normally cannot sleep more the few hours at night, she starts to sleep every night without wake up until morning. She is finally feeling really good, I can tell that she is more recharged and focus; because of this, I have good feeling that she will be more focused on her life”.


Cincinnati - USA

“I felt great. You were right about to laugh! I noticed when I got home and was watching something on television I laughed and laughed.. Laughter is big part of me.. I love to laugh!! I don’t think I have done that in a long time.. Anyway.. The session was wonderful and I am so thankful for your gift . We want to bring the children up so we will look at our schedules to see what works. THANKS!!”


Columbus - USA

“THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you so so much for yesterday. It really did wonders, it even help my digestive track so all in all I’m even fully wake with out my medicine and my bladder infection is gone! I told my husband about what went out, during my session, about his son. He decided to call and invite him. We are trying to leave the door open for our other member so hopefully something will change soon! Thanks again so much!”


Dayton - USA

“I am attracting to my life everything that I want to have: love, a good job with financial stability, a healthy an active life and happiness surrounded by the people I care about. My daughter is warmer and loving with me too. Thanks Consuelo. You have been key to all these blessings coming my way and I love your for that”.


Madrid - SPAIN

“I received your email early morning. Thank you so much for the distance session that you did to my daughter. I listened your session with tears. I am very proud of her to accept you so that you can work on her and importantly she can step out from fear. I know she has beautiful heart and her spirit is shining. I was hoping to see original herself for long time. When she woke up this morning she was cranky as usual but she was singing and laughing most of the day. It is already a big difference. I will watch over her closely and I will give you more feedback. I have hope, big hope. Thank you Consuelo!”



“Thank you so much for yesterday’s session, you gave me much to think about and I am feeling better about what I am currently doing, which some times feels like nothing….you helped me to see that it is something… I am feeling more confident about myself and my life. Angel Blessings.”


Forataleza - BRAZIL

“Dear Consuelo, I finally had a moment to listen to the session, thank you so much, the recording, the music and the visual is beautiful, the messages to me mean so very much, there is so much that it will take some time to process….thank you, thank you for this wonderful gift…..you are wonderful….thank you for coming to me in this lifetime….Namaste’, love”.


Milan - ITALY

“Thank you for your work! I really happy to see my daughter happier. I noticed that her emotion became very stable and calm. She was so unhappy and used negative words in the past. And even though her life style is still inside of the house and staying in her room most of the time (because of her agoraphobia), she changed internally and spiritually a lots. The day after your distance session, she woke up in the morning singing: it is a long time that she doesn’t do this! Thank you so much!”



“Consuelo, Thank you, thank you, thank you! The distance session was amazing….my belly is more relaxed…breathing deeper. I do feel that I need to let go…just struggle with HOW to do this. I want to learn so much more. I can feel there is something more for me…just unsure how to access the “knowlege” you say I already have. Thank you, again for all that you have helped me with! I appreciate it with all my heart. Love and Hugs”.


New York - USA

“You are amazing. I can’t wait to learn everything I can from you. Previously, I have been told in my readings to relax that it will work out perfectly. I will do what you said and say that to myself. I told my angels to work on it and help to heal whatever needing healing. Thank you for your support. I always love your perspective on things”.


Columbus - USA

“Consuelo, I cannot thank you enough for your help. I listened to the recording you sent and understand so much now. It is very helpful! All of it makes so much sense. This is a very powerful experience for me and I look forward to working with you healing my family”.



“Thank you for the recording. Your distance sessions to my daughter and myself, were beautiful! and exactly correct. Everything you said about my mother is correct. My daughter’s birth was extremely traumatic. She nearly died and at one point I also lost consciousness where they had to resuscitate me as well as try to save her. I have a huge digestive problem and do not know why or what it is, so I am very grateful for your therapy on that part. I also agree with what you say about holding in anxiety and anger, it’s been a difficult period for me the last years with no one I can really talk to. I just have to power through to support the family and my parents. About my child: exactly clear, doesn’t like being made fun of his (we never do this to her but she remains fearful of this. Yes, she completely like her father!! Yes, she is stuck in the trauma from her initial school experience and she was devastated. My prayer for her is to help her to understand how to use unconditional love to be able to protect her self from the bad things that come from relationships. Like you perceived, she is very isolated from the other children of the school as they are in another town. The children in our town are not very nice to her so we do not spend much time with them as they have hurt her so much in the past and do not accept her as they perceive her to be different. Thank you and sending back much joy, peace and love to you!”


Rome - ITALY

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