Vibrational Water/Vials

Vibrational Water/Vials

Each vibrational vial (Sanjeevini) carries subtle healing energy. Combine this with an intention to the Universal Source for receiving energetic healing. The Universal’s cosmic healing energy includes all known and unknown healing forces in Nature.

The vials created with this method will allow recharging the water or anything else with the vibration is needed (no side effect or compromise with other plans or drugs).

There are two categories of Sanjeevini cards or patterns: Body Part and Disease Sanjeevinis, for a total of 324 healing cards/patterns. Each card/pattern carries a specific vibration that recharges the SSC Vials.

It is possible to recharge water, liquid, or any food.


Consuelo Cassotti teaches the method in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, OH, or remotely online.

Workshop: a day class.

Workshop cost: $180 for the person ($90 is the value of material cost). An advanced deposit of $90 is requested.


  • 70 vials filled with clay
  • Book with more than 240 pages
  • Box with foam for caring vials
  • Tutorial
  • Labels
  • Laminated cards
  • CD
  • Individual training with Sky is available only on request.

If you are interested in this class and there isn’t any date posted already, let us know, we will keep you informed about new dates.

Do you want to organize a class with friends in the comfort of your own home? Contact Consuelo!

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