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Which session would be better to start for me?

Every session is powerful and profound. If you don’t know where to begin, a Karmic Release session is always an excellent way to start. This session will clear your energy from some emotional and traumatic events from your childhood and some other lifetime. You will have some additional information from your Spirit Guides and more. Every session is different based on what you need and how much you are open to experiencing.

What is the difference between Karmic Release and QHHT?

QHHT is based on hypnosis, and you will be the one who will see the other lifetime and answer your questions when you will connect more with your Higher Self (Subconscious). Karmic Release requires you to relax and let Consuelo describe what she sees and hears, other lives and/or traumatic situations experienced by you. She will not touch you, but you will feel very relaxed and release the tension and emotions you carry. Both are very deep sessions that lead to work at every level.

How many times can I repeat a QHHT Session?

A full session can be repeated a few times.

What happens if I cannot go through an entire QHHT session the first time?

When you do the first session, you may be more nervous and try to control your session. In case you have a hard time going through your QHHT the first time, you have a chance to repeat the part of the session that didn’t work without ulterior charge.

How many Karmic Release sessions do I need? How frequently do I need them?

It depends on the reason why you are looking for a session. If there is a health issue or emotional issue, you are likely to need more sessions. Some people like to have a Karmic Release session every 2-3 months to keep their life more balanced. Usually, a session is suggested no earlier than 30 days.

Will one RTT session be enough to resolve my issue?

Every RTT session works for a specific situation, and the one-time session can be enough to solve the particular issue. Sometimes, a problem can lead to discovering multiple situations that are linked together. In this case, 2 or 3 sessions would be helpful.

Does my autistic child need to be present for the session? How regularly do we need to work?

Parents could be a surrogate for their children. The child’s presence isn’t needed. A Karmic Release session every 21-30 days would be more effective because it would help the child change some old behaviors with new positive behaviors. Otherwise, if the session is more than a month old, the session will have less effect on the child.

Why does Consuelo work with the parents instead of with the child directly?

Because the connection between parents and children is powerful, she realized how important it is to increase family energy. Focusing on the parents first helps to do it. In this way, every time the child achieves success, the parents who are working on themselves at the same time can support their child at every level. When she does the session with both parents or with just one of them, she can connect to the child’s energy and with the siblings; thus, the entire family receives some work, and the parents have more awareness about what is going on in their family. Sometimes parents of a special child don’t give themselves the occasion to work on their own emotions. Guilt, shame, fear and frustration are easy emotions that need to be addressed and released; a special child is more empathic and sensitive. Every time the parent receives some energetic/emotional work, the child makes progress.

Is a distance session different than an in person session?

The result is the same.

Do I need to prepare myself before my session?

Only the QHHT session requires some preparation before the session. At the bottom of QHHT’s page, there is a link to a page with complete information.

How many times can I listen to the Forgiveness Process session?

After the first time, give yourself a couple of days to let go of any emotions that could emerge before repeating the recorded session. Take care of yourself with healthy food, resting time, a nice bath or taking a nice walk. Being nice to yourself during this process will help.

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