Karmic Release

Karmic Release is a method I developed years ago.

At fifteen, I began seeing other past lives during my meditation through multidimensional journeys. I saw how much our other lives could influence who we are in this present life. Becoming more conscious about actions, connections, and achievements from other lives helps us better understand our relationship and purpose in this life.

Today, I use my intuitive, empathic abilities to connect to the client’s childhood or other moments where trauma hides to clear blocks affecting the client.

I communicate at the “soul level,” and you will start remembering why you are here and reconnecting with yourself.

With my Language of Light, I raise your frequencies to facilitate your “awakening.” 

I also work with teenagers and children. I am obtaining beautiful results with children from divorced parents, teenagers, and children with autism (even if they can’t speak), ADHD, or learning difficulties, starting from their first session.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT® delivers extraordinary permanent change from physical, emotional, and psychological pain by reframing our core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions deep in the subconscious.

I can help you replace outdated belief systems and negative behavior patterns by rapidly rewiring the brain’s neural pathways with this session.

New affirming beliefs are formed, and the healing process begins.

I will use powerful hypnotic language and practical techniques to free you from self-destructive thoughts and patterns so that you can live a confident, motivated, happier, and more fulfilled life.

Few RTT®  sessions will help you work rapidly and remove the need for continuous therapy sessions.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

 QHHT by Dolores Cannon allows people to access the deepest part of themselves, who holds all the answers, the Higher Self or the Super Conscious. With QHHT®-BQH®, you can see other life times, have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are, ultimately create change within yourself, and some healing could occur. 

QHHT-BQH,  involves the individual being regressed and guided through some appropriate past life.

Using hypnosis, I will take you deep into a place where you see other lives, connect more with your Higher Self, and receive some self-healing.

Forgiveness Process & Trauma Release

Forgiveness helps us to clear our cords and free ourselves from situations or people from the past that don’t serve us anymore for our Greatest good. Because of this, Forgiveness can be seen as an act of self-love and is a great way to move on and take our power back to us.

For this purpose, I can help you succeed in releasing traumas and emotions related to your life. Using this technique, you revisit old trauma and clear the emotional connections. Your subconscious knows what you are ready to release. Our conscious mind can forget a trauma that is too difficult to manage, as well as small traumatic moments that you have never given yourself time to fully deal with.  

Your life will begin to change and become easier. You will begin to feel lighter; your aches and pain will start to go away. You couldn’t help but radiate your beauty when you remove harmful and painful memories.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching is a session for anyone looking for guidance and clarity through a coaching modality.

In this session, I will be listening to you and helping you to find valuable tools so you can be able to explore solutions and understand more about yourself.

I want to empower you and be more connected to your inner voice/intuition.

Sometimes, you feel stuck or overwhelmed and think you need to talk to somebody who can listen without judgment or prejudice.

I am here to listen.

Balance Mind, Body and Spirit

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