Forgiveness Process

Forgiveness Process and Trauma Release

The Forgiveness Process and Trauma Release is an online, 1-hour session.
It can be an individual session, or you can invite up to 6-8 people to attend together.

Forgiveness helps us to clear our cords and free ourselves from situations or people from the past that don’t serve us anymore for our Greatest good. Because of this, Forgiveness can be seen as an act of self-love and is a great way to move on and take our power back to us.

For this purpose, Consuelo can help you succeed in releasing traumas and emotions related to them.

Using this technique, your subconscious knows what you are ready to release. Our conscious mind can forget a trauma that is too difficult to manage, as well as small traumatic moments that you have never given yourself time to fully deal with. The combination of all these moments can create an inexplicable weight inside you, which could lead to a nervous breakdown or Psychotic Break.

Your life will begin to change and become easier. You will begin to feel lighter; your aches and pain will start to go away. You couldn’t help but radiate your beauty when you remove harmful and painful memories.

Price: $170

For any referral, you will receive a $20 discount for one session with Consuelo.

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