Karmic Release by Consuelo Cassotti

Karmic Release

Karmic Release sessions are available online or in-person. Each session is 1 hour long.

Karmic Release is a method developed by Consuelo Cassotti. At the age of fifteen, she began to see other past lives during her meditation through multidimensional journeys. Today, she uses her intuitive, empathic abilities to connect to the client’s childhood or other moments where trauma is hidden to clear blocks affecting the client.

In her session, she describes what she sees and feels during her multidimensional travel.

Consuelo communicates at the “soul level,” and people start to remember why they are here and reconnect deeper to themselves.

With her Language of Light, she raises your frequencies to facilitate your “awakening.” 

Past, present, and future is all connected. Consuelo looks at a human being as a Multidimensional Being who sometimes needs support for recognizing and accepting their complete parts to be successful and confident in this reality.

You may realize that you can be successful in this lifetime, and you can break old patterns. As a result, people quickly release emotional blocks, stress, and anxiety.

After a few sessions to clear and release trauma from a past life (karma) or this lifetime, DNA and strands are activated, and inherited imprints energetically can be removed. 

Afterward, you may feel more focused, balanced and improved self-esteem, recover faster or even go into spontaneous remission. Some have noticed more clarity about the following steps to take, and they found the strength to make incredible changes. Once the trauma is released, one evolves spiritually and functions from higher aspects of yourself re-emerged. 

Remote sessions and in-person have the same result.

Consuelo also works with teenagers and children. She is obtaining beautiful results with children from divorced parents, teenagers, and children who have autism (even if they aren’t able to speak), ADHD, or learning difficulties, starting from their first session. The secret is that they don’t need to be “fixed,” but they need some specific help to adjust to this 3D reality.

Price: $130

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