I AM Sensitive!

I AM Sensitive!

This is a 4-5 hour long class given individually or a couple.

The way we think, feel, and act defines our life experiences. So it is vital to recognize our empathy or sensitivity to honor who we are.

“Being born with high sensitivity can become your greatest asset or your worst liability, depending on how you relate to it.”

Be more in contact with your empathy, and your sensitivity can be not so easy. Learn how to use these skills for increasing your life quality with Consuelo!

As a sensitive and empathic person, she will help you find tools, modalities, and a different perspective for managing your life better.

Her class is tailored based on the participants’ needs, intending to help them be more empowered.

You are unique with incredible qualities, but sometimes it can be overwhelming! Only 5% of the population of this planet is like you, sensitive and emphatic. You aren’t alone, but the world isn’t managed in the way we are. Otherwise, it would be a more respectful and loving place. If you feel something every time your hurt somebody feeling or something terrible happens to a person, child, animals, or plants, you would never act bad, right?

Many of us feel alone that we don’t fit any place or any group, because we are different, it is true!

Time to embrace who you are and be in love with this!

What you can learn from this class:

Grounding and shielding

Learn how to ground your body and shield yourself from the environment.


Focusing on the messages from your body is very important. Learn how to be aware of your sensations and filter the emotions you are feeling. Through various techniques, you will learn how to listen and manage the feelings you are absorbing from others.

Listening and channeling

Your Intuition, or Inner Voice, is waiting to be heard by you. Be open to listening. The more you are better decisions you will make, and you will be “in the flow.” Recognize how to ask, listen to the signs, and learn to listen to your intuition. Your SuperConscious is also a powerful connection; learn how to connect more with all your parts to feel a complete person. This course will allow you to empower your gifts and more.

We’ll employ various techniques and practice exercises to acknowledge and honor your role as co-creator of your life and expand yourself in a new and powerful way to ‘be’ in this reality.

This class aims to have more awareness and be more conscious of how these qualities can be used as assets in your life.

If you ever felt that you did not fit in, remember there is nothing wrong with the way you are!

Give yourself a milestone gift to increase your ability to manage your sensitivity and empower your life.

If you are interested in this class, you can schedule it directly on the calendar. The course is $550 and will be split into two dates. One or two people can participate in this class. After you book it, Consuelo will contact you to make sure to focus on your need.

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