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Working on releasing trauma from this lifetime or other lives and being open to forgiving ourselves and anybody else will help us move forward to this transformation.

Forgiveness helps us to cut our cords and free ourselves from situations or people from the past that doesn't serve us anymore, for our Greatest good. Because of this, Forgiveness could be seen as an act of self-love. A great occasion to move on and take our power back to us.

For this purpose, Consuelo created a session that would help you succeed in releasing traumas and emotions related to them. An online version that you can play after only a $30 purchase for yourself and your family. 

The Forgiveness Process is a treatment for anyone who wants to eliminate life's traumas, no matter how big or small they are. During this process, you don't need to verbalize your traumas. It is a private matter and very personal to you.

Consuelo will lead you through the process, with words and intentions that you will repeat inside yourself without verbalizing. It is perfect for people who cannot share because they don't remember or they are too ashamed.  

For this reason, this session can be done in a group. The Forgiveness Process is a unique way to remove the emotional memory of any trauma that affects your life, particularly for a group or families who have been through similar trauma. After you begin a series of sessions, your life begins to change. You may have a memory that made you angry or sad, and you can think of it without the emotional hook.

The Forgiveness Process isn't counseling or psychotherapy. 

Using this technique, your sub-conscious knows what you are ready to release. Our conscious mind can forget that when you are being traumatized somehow, your mind can't handle what you are seeing or what it is happening to you. So you shut down. In serious conditions, it is called a Nervous Breakdown or Psychotic Break...

What to aspect after a Forgiveness Process session? 

Your life will begin to change, to become easier. You will begin to feel lighter; your aches and pain will start to go away. You can't help but radiate your beauty when you remove negative and painful memories. Losing weight is easier, and you will no longer need to carry it for protection. You will get along better with family, co-workers, and neighbors. Projects are easier to start and to finish. Your self-esteem will rise, and you will begin to live a happier and more creative life.

You can contact Consuelo for a live group session, or you can purchase a recorded session right now!

When you purchase a Forgiveness Process session, you can only play directly from this web site, the access to this session will expire after a week of your purchase.

You can play this session with your family or with a group of people because nobody needs to verbalize their traumas. 

This session is about 1 hour.

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After you purchased an ONLINE Forgiveness Process session,  you will have access for 14 days.

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