Tips about the issues with your “powerful” children who see/perceive spirits and sometimes they are afraid.

First of all, don’t think that your child is too young to understand what to do. I have three and four – years – old children who have to learn how to manage what they are dealing with without a problem. 

One of the parents wrote me:

“After attending your lecture, we have already had some improvements. I asked my three-year-old daughter to tell her “monster” to take on a form that wouldn’t scare her much, and she hasn’t complained since then about seeing a big black monster anymore. Instead, it appears to have taken the form of a silly monster from one of her favorite cartoons. She watches PBS and sees Peg + Cat. The monster Big Mouth is what she sees around her now. She talks about it with more serenity. She blew him a kiss last night before bed. I have her tell him goodnight and that she needs to go to sleep now, and she seems to be starting to sleep better. Thanks for your suggestions!”

1. I suggest helping your child to understand that he/she is in charge of his/her sensitivity. Explain to your child how important it is to make deals with his/her guardian angel or spirit guide and be clear about what he/she wants, like not being bothered by spirits until they will be older, or only during a particular time at day, week or month. Be clear with your child, make sure that if she/he makes a promise needs to maintain the deal. If your child is scared by these spirits, explain to your child to tell them to show up in a way that she/he is not afraid of them anymore. Teach your child to create a golden bubble around her/him for shield and protection, where he/she can hear only what is necessary for his/her highest good, with harmony. If the child doesn’t want to be bothered by spirits, he/she can tell them,” I need to sleep all night quiet and relax. I ask you to let me sleep free from any contact by spirits”.

If the child is too young, I suggest the parents create a golden bubble around your child any time he/she goes to sleep and set an intention, like: “for his/her high good, ask my child can sleep all night free from any interruption by spirits” (your English is better than mine, I am sure you will find better words)


  1. There are some Flower Essences that I suggest giving to your child if he/she has been traumatized by seeing spirits.
  • Star of Bethlehem – Bach Flower Essence, is the remedy for the after-effects of shock, such as is caused by unexpected bad news or any unexpected and unwelcome event.
  • Saint John’s Wort – FES Flower Essence, is one of the premier remedies for protection during the night-time and is indicated for a wide variety of sleep disturbances such as insomnia, nightmares, night sweats, and night-time incontinence. St. John’s Wort herb has become famous for its ability to treat depression successfully. A deeper understanding of this five-pointed, radiant yellow-blossomed plant helps the soul encounter darkness and gives protection from negative spiritual entities. A night-time bath or massage with the St. John’s Shield oil and the use of the St. John’s Wort flower essence is highly beneficial in helping such individuals. For children who have nightmares or who are prone to bed-wetting.


  1. Sai Sanjeevini recharged water (Shield and protection vial) is always good for all the family members to drink this recharged water (you can find some information about this method on my website in classes, please contact me for this vial).


  1. Smudge the house with white sage and a good intention. You can go in each corner (clock-way), and clear each room in this way.
  2. One of my Karmic Release sessions with the mother as a surrogate can be very helpful for facilitating the child to have some more balance, be more grounded and awake about the situation that he/she is going through.
  3. One of the reasons these children can see spirits is because they are not entirely grounded in their bodies. You can help them be more grounded.  Use some physical exercise like holding their ankles gently but firm; You can use a black tourmaline in their pocket and under their mattress close to their feet. These things would help them release any tension, be more present and absorb fewer emotions from others (mainly if the child is very empathic).