The way we think, feel

 and act defines our life experiences.

“Being born with heigh sensitivity can become your greatest asset or your worst liability, depending on how you relate to it”.

Be more in contact withyour sensitivity and use these qualities for increasing your life quality. 

Consuelo Cassotti as a sensitive and empathic person would help you to find tools, modalities and different

perspectives for managing better your life. Her class is base on the needs of the participants, with the goal of helping each of them to be more empower. You are unique with incredible qualities, but sometimes can be overwhelming!


What you can learn from the workshoop:


Learn how to ground your body and shield yourself from the environment.


Focusing on the messages from your body is very important. Learn how to be aware of your sensations and filter the emotions you are feeling. Through different techniques, you will learn how to listen, and manage the emotions you are absorbing from others.


Your Intuition, or Inner Voice, is waiting to be heard by you. Be open to listen. This will help you to make better decisions and be more " in the flow". Recognize how to ask and listen to the signs. This will also give you the opportunity to empower your gifts.

and more…


We’ll employ a variety of techniques including guided meditation, practice exercises to acknowledge and honor your role as co-creator of your life and expand yourself in a new and powerful way to ‘be’ in this reality.


The goal of this course is to have more awareness of your increased sensitivity and to be more conscious of how these qualities can be used as assets in your life.


If you ever felt that you did not fit in, remember there is nothing wrong with the way you are!

Give yourself a milestone gift, to increase your ability on managing your sensitivity and empower your life.


This is 4-6 hours class. It can be done individually or in group. If you are interested in this class and there isn't any date posted already, let us know, we wil keep you inform about new dates.