classesTher is a moment, where everyone feels the need to find a way to be more balance and harmonized.

Listen to your body's signals, and the mastery of your mind can be a powerful choice for feeling more alive!

In this particular time frame, raising one’s consciousness is essential. It enhances your spiritual development, and it also raises your awareness about your mind; your way of thinking, whether it is focused or unfocused.

Why is it so important at this particular time? Because if you learn how to listen to yourself you can recognize false beliefs, needless worries, and negative emotions that belong to others who are living in fear and stuck in a mental fog. You will discover your own way of understanding the difference between what is real and what only seems to be real.

Being more conscious means having the ability to expand your perceptions about life and having more discernment regarding your understanding. An awareness of your weak points will help you to grow and move in a new direction.

Recognizing your weaknesses and imperfections does not mean that you have low self-esteem, but rather that you accept your imperfections in this lifetime as a part of the evolution of the spiritual being that you are.

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