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"Thank you for the recording. Your distance sessions to my daughter and myself, were beautiful! and exactly correct. Everything you said about my mother is correct. My daughter’s birth was extremely traumatic. She nearly died and at one point I also lost consciousness where they had to resuscitate me as well as try to save her. I have a huge digestive problem and do not know why or what it is, so I am very grateful for your therapy on that part. I also agree with what you say about holding in anxiety and anger, it's been a difficult period for me the last years with no one I can really talk to. I just have to power through to support the family and my parents. About my child: exactly clear, doesn't like being made fun of his (we never do this to her but she remains fearful of this. Yes, she completely like her father!! Yes, she is stuck in the trauma from her initial school experience and she was devastated. My prayer for her is to help her to understand how to use unconditional love to be able to protect her self from the bad things that come from relationships. Like you perceived, she is very isolated from the other children of the school as they are in another town. The children in our town are not very nice to her so we do not spend much time with them as they have hurt her so much in the past and do not accept her as they perceive her to be different. Thank you and sending back much joy, peace and love to you!"

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