Forgiveness Process is a treatment for anyone who wants to eliminate life's trauma, no matter how big or small it is without sharing it with Consuelo.

In this case, Consuelo will lead the person through the process, with words and intentions that a person will repeat inside of his/her self without verbalizing. It is very good for people who are unable to share because they don't remember or are ashamed about what happened to them. 

Forgiveness Process is a unique way to remove the emotional memory of any trauma that affects your life in particular for a group or families who have been through a particular trauma. After you begin a series of Trauma Release, your life begins to change. Those buttons people would push to get a reaction out of you are not there to push anymore. So your interaction with other people change. Family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. You may have a memory that made you angry or sad and you can think of it without the emotional hook.

Forgiveness Process isn't counseling or psychotherapy.

You don't need to verbalize your trauma. It is private and personal to you.

Using this technique your sub-conscious knows what you are ready to release. Our conscious mind can forget, when you are being traumatized in some way, your mind can't handle what you are seeing or what it is happening to you. So you shut down. In serious conditions, it is called Nerves Breakdown or Psychotic Break...

What to aspect after a Trauma Release? Your life will begin to change, to become easier. You will begin to feel lighter, your aches and pain will start to go away. You can’t help but radiate your beauty when you remove negative and painful memories. Losing weight is easier and you will no longer need to carry it for protection. You will get along better with family, co-workers, and neighbors. Projects are easier to start and most of all to finish. Your self-esteem will rise and you will begin to live a happier and more creative life. 

The group session is for 1 hour. It can be done by Skype or phone conference if the persons involved are located in different places. 

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