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Karmic Release™ is a method that Consuelo has developed through years of study and life experience, based on the extraction/synthesis of several holistic ways. She started to see other past lives during her meditation when she was fifteen years old; Consuelo realized that she could make multidimensional travel and receive information. 

Today, she uses this gift during her sessions. 

Past, present, future is all connected. Consuelo looks at a human being as a Multidimensional Being who sometimes needs support for recognizing and accepting their complete parts to be successful and confident in this reality. 

Part of this session is finding where traumas are hidden, and it could be in other lifetimes or this present life and release them. Understanding and clarifying the root causes of traumatic events can free a person from old behavior patterns and emotional or physical unbalance. She opens a Multidimensional Portal and allows Energy to work.

She awakes the Soul memory, finds information about past, present, and sometimes future to better understand a person's Path. People start to remember why they are here and "awaken," and may realize that they can be successful in this lifetime, and old patterns can be broken. During her session, she connects with high multidimensional beings.


Empowering people and helping them move toward living a fulfilled life because they can live the life they love are Consuelo's goals. She knows that awareness frees us.  

Karmic Release™ is a perfect session for someone open to receive "high" vibrational and fast energy work to identify where they are stuck in their lives and how to move forward. 

During her session, Consuelo uses her intuitive, empathic abilities for looking at the client's childhood or other moments where trauma hid, and it is possible to clear blocks that are affecting you. Usually, she describes what she sees and feels during her session.


As a result, people quickly release emotional blocks, stress, and anxiety. After few sessions to clear and release trauma from a past life (karma) or this lifetime, DNA and strands are activated, so inherited imprints energetically were removed. 


Afterward, it is possible to notice to be more focused/clearer, more balanced and self-esteem, recover faster or even go into spontaneous remission. Some have more clarity about the next steps in their life, and they found the strength to make incredible changes. Once the karma is released, one evolves spiritually, and functions from higher aspects of being re-emerge. People report positive change emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


She believes that "the more you know, the more you keep things simple." Consuelo does her session in person, by phone, or via Skype. 

Distance sessions and in-person have the same result.

Consuelo works not only with adults but also with teenagers and children. Teenagers start to have more self-esteem, are calmer, more positive, and passionate about their lives.

Consuelo is also obtaining beautiful results with children from divorced parents, teenagers, and children who have autism (even if they aren't able to speak), ADHD, or learning difficulties, starting from their first session. The secret is that they don't need to be "fixed," but they need some specific help to adjust to this 3D reality.

Karmic Release is an hour session for $110.

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