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Under stress and other debilitating emotions, it’s normal to be in a constant state of “fight or flight” and we often forget our own path. Being a parent with a “unique” child requires more awareness -- not only about your path, but also about your whole family’s path. My session, Conscious Awareness Coaching, helps you go deep within and reach out for your strength while helping your child have more self-esteem and be more harmonious with his/her surroundings. Intuitively and empathically, I can help the family move in the same direction because the path is illuminated for every member of the family. 

Years ago, I also started working with unique children, who had been labeled by society and our western culture as: autistic, ADD, ADHD …

Immediately, I recognized the importance of working with the entire family. In my book “Hearing a Different Voice” (2013), I describe these children connecting with me and telling me how their parents are affecting them. In fact, I noticed how much the parent’s change was related to their child’s change.

Throughout my session, I intuitively connect to the source of the problem/trauma, and I explain what I feel and what I “see”. At first, I prefer to work with the mother, not only because of the strong connection of mother-child, but also because the mother is the fulcrum of the family, and when the fulcrum is out of synch, nothing flows as it should. I help release the emotions related to any trauma, from childbirth to the current day. I also help increase your self-esteem and your child’s. I have noticed a profound change of behavior with the children who work with me in a short time. I help my clients integrate new habits until they become old habits, and reinforce the “positive future-self”, so the child starts to believe that he/she can “do more and better”. I always say to them, “You can be anything you want”.


We realized how it is important to offer a Family Plan to families with ADD or Autistic children. With this program, a lot of families are more in charge of their life and have find more balanced.

It is essential to understand that  ADD and autism is a “family matter”.


Dr. Rene Blaha, offers support with his knowledge and experience, by using natural solutions that will create the foundations for your family.


You, the parents are part of the program, so you will experience the same things that your child does.


We are able to give a full support to the parents and the child, also by distance (using Skype and Phone call).

The program, Family Plan, can be successful only if the parents decide to follow a complete program that includes the whole family.


Parents and children are connected emotionally, physically and mentally


Working with all the members of the family is very important, to believe in this work is important too (if only one of the parents wants to be part of the program, we can adjust it at the beginning, and when the child shows some improvement, the other parent can be more involved).

We offer a tailored program, where we fill up the missed gaps, so you can see from the beginner, positive change in your family.  

Please, feel free to contatc me, if you want to know more about this Family Plan. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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