pranabreathingThe way that we breathe

Our way of breathing is too fast and shallow. We are using only one part of our lungs. Shallow breathing doesn't permit our lungs to exercise enough, and as a result, we are not taking in enough oxygen and eliminating enough carbon dioxide. Poor breathing starves our body and cells of oxygen and increases storage of toxins. Oxygen is important for the health of all the cells and increases our level of vitality. We need to breathe more slowly and deeply.

The more we slow down our breathing, the more we increase our vitality, boost our immune system, become more youthful, etc. We develop bad breathing habits for different reasons: we are always in a hurry, stressed, too emotional, too afraid and anxious, lack of physical activity, too much time spent indoors... This negative life-style affects the rate of breathing, causing it to be fast and shallow. Because of indoor pollution, our body instinctively decides to inhale less air to protect itself.

If we want to experience the benefits of good breathing techniques, we need to first recognize our bad habits. Becoming more conscious of our breathing is a good first step toward a better life.

Yoga is helpful, but for those whose occupations continue to be highly stressful, something more is needed. Deep breathing exercises and muscular stretching (especially for those primarily concerned with controlling inhalation and exhalation) should be sought.

Going for a daily walk or participating in some active sports is beneficial.

Learning the practice of Pranic Breathing can be a nice way to nourish our body with the life force it requires.

What is Prana? Chi/Ki/Prana or Life Force enters the body through the breath, and correct breathing means that this energy is expanded in the body. Using Pranic Breathing helps to consciously control the Prana/Life force energy. Chi/Ki, as is explained in the Reiki is everywhere, is in the Universe, it is in the oxygen that we breathe. The role of Prana/Chi/Ki in the body is very similar to the analogy of a battery that occasionally needs to be recharged. While the Prana/Chi in the Universe is inexhaustible, the body does need fresh Prana/Chi in order to maintain its vitality. By exchanging your chi with the universal chi, you will feel healthy and vigorous. The more we energize the body with Prana/Chi, the more capable it is of fighting off illness and maintaining good health.

Pranic Breathing is a simple technique, easy to learn and use every day. You will learn how to visualize and consciously inhale the Prana/Chi.

This class is offered as an individual class. 30 minutes with Skype. If you have a group of people interested in this class, please contact Consuelo, she would be able to organize a group class.  

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