The way we think, feel and act defines our life experiences.

Is your life everything you want to be? If not, can you envision a different way to be?

The goal of this one day course is to find your personal healing, intuitive awarness and trasformation trought learning, practicing and having fun!

Self-healing is the ultimate act of self-love.

What you can learn:  we’ll employ a variety techniques including guided meditation, crystals, Healing Touch, BodyTalk, Healing Sound, breathing and gentle exercises to acknowledge and honor your role as co-creator of your life and expand yourself in a new and powerful way to ‘be’ in this reality.

Program is divided in 2-3 parts (total 4 to 6 hrs), basic, advanced and more if you wants.

This class can be done individually with Skype or in person as group. If you like you can invite another partecipant to take the individual class in Skype at the same price you pay for only one.  

When you purchased a class, you will purchase only  2 hours class at the time. Unless you have concur something different with Consuelo, the first purchase would be the Basic class. The group class in person, would be 6 hours class.

First part - Basic (2 hrs):

  • Exercises to release stress and blocked energies
  • How to ground and center yourself
  • Breathing exercises
  • Clear the emotional cord
  • How to shiedl yourself

Second part- Advanced (2hrs):

  • The power of the intention
  • The "shadow aspect"
  • Increase your intuition
  • How to listen your body for answers

Third part- More (2hrs):

  • Cortices Releases  
  • EFT
  • How to clean your aura, talk your body your cells
  • Others tools based on the need