Is your life everything you want to be? If not, can you envision a different way to be?

The goal of this class is to empower yourself, through awarness, so you can enjoy a personal trasformation trought learning, practicing and having fun!

What you can learn:  we’ll employ a variety techniques including guided meditation, crystals, Healing Touch, Healing Sound, breathing and gentle exercises to acknowledge and honor your role as co-creator of your life and expand yourself in a new and powerful way to ‘be’ in this reality.

Program is divided in 2-3 parts (total 4 to 6 hrs), basic, advanced and more if you wants.

This class can be done individually with Skype or in person as group. 

When you purchased a class, you will purchase only  2 hours class at the time. Unless you have concur something different with Consuelo, the first purchase would be the Basic class. Contact Consuelo for organizing a 6 hours of group class in person.

First part - Basic (2 hrs):

  • How to ground and center yourself
  • Clear the emotional cord
  • How to shield yourself
  • Healing sound

Second part- Advanced (2hrs):

  • The power of the intention
  • Mantras
  • The "shadow aspect"
  • How to listen your body for answers

Third part- More (2hrs):

  • Others tools based on the need
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