spiritguidesWe are now in a new paradigm, reality on earth started to change in the year 2000. Many people are still thinking the old way, living their lives in the old energy.

What do I need for myself today? That is the big question. We are changing so fast. The Earth is receiving new energy each day. Our physical bodies are changing, we all feel it. Most of the time we say: “What is happening to me?”

You are moving into your light body, your unified chakra, connecting to yourself in all dimensions. Every day you are running on a new, different energy. Tomorrow you will be a different person than today.

How do I keep up with it all? This is a time when your contact with spirit is most important. Your guides, master teachers, and councils of elders are here to assist you with these changes, with information such as: What is my calling? What do I do with my life? Understanding why particular guides are with you now, what lessons you must learn at this point, upcoming planetary changes, and what possibilities exist in your future. Receive help with manifesting, self-confidence, and your healing practice.

You will receive all the tools you need to easily communicate with your present guides and any new guides or Ascended Master teachers to come in the future. This is a two-hour class. I will work with you “one on one”.

This is a private class… you are the only student.

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