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Empower you, so you fulfill your life!

"Do you feel that you have never adapted to others around you? Are you too sensitive? Are you trying to understand more about yourself and unlock old beliefs that don't allow you to live your life fully?

As an empathic and intuitive person, I understand your feelings.

This period is an incredible evolutionary moment. The passage to the new dimension requires a greater awareness of oneself; it is vital to be energetically balanced and understand your life purpose during this particular time.

Releasing our traumas (of this or another life) and letting go of old behaviors that no longer work for us helps us live a better present. 

Living in the present moment is critical to our success, being aware of the here and now.

I have faced the same problems for most of my life, I assure you. I can understand your challenges!

All my life, I have studied and looked for methods and tools that could empower me and make me what I am today.

I am from Italy. I moved to the United States because I was "called" to work with people personally and remotely.

I'm integrating everything I've learned and experienced firsthand, combined with my intuition and empathy...  

Today, I offer a variety of powerful sessions based on what you feel is best for you.

Awareness and understanding are the first significant steps to any healing because they give you freedom.

I can help you reconnect with some of your past lives with my Karmic Release session, which I created for easy access and release any trauma, past life, current life, including your childhood. With a hypnotic therapy session (QHHT), you can eliminate any trauma that you have been carrying for so long and release any blockages connected to it. If you think that what is blocking you is more related to this present life, you can choose between my Karmic Rebalancing session or a Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) session based on hypnosis. The Forgiveness Process session is also another way for people to let go of the trauma and strong experience during this life, without the need to share.

The goal is the same: EMPOWER YOU!"




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