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May 5th - Friday Night Talk: How Much Our Past Life Affects Our Present

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Friday, May 05, 2017, 07:00pm - 08:00pm

During adolescence, Consuelo started seeing past lives, after a few clear flash backs, she figured out what was happening to her. She came to realize the importance of understanding past lives, as in how our present life can be influenced by the trauma and soul memory of the past (understood as past lives). With the ability to access the Akashic records at any time for herself and others, it gave her a better understanding of how the past and present work together.
Karmic Release - Past, Present and Future, is a method that Consuelo has developed through years of study and life experiences, which is based on the extraction/synthesis of several holistic methods. Consuelo looks at human beings a multidimensional Beings who, at times, needs support to recognize and accept their full self which in turn allows them to be successful and confident in this reality. Consuelo’s work as a Spiritual Coaching session, where she combines various tools and methods to open a Multidimensional Portal and allows Energy to work on you. Through this work, she is able to awaken the client’s Soul memory, finding information about the past, present and sometimes future, in order to help for better understanding the Path.
She is going to share her experiences and talk about some of her cases to help people have a better understanding of the link between this present life and a previous life times.


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